The consultancy services provided aim to develop highly customized solutions for customers. The consolidated consultancy experience and the partnership with specialized structures allow us to provide complete and quality consultancy services. The seriousness of the consultants and collaborators, the reliability of the proposed solutions and the speed of intervention certainly represent the strong points of the consultancy services.

Management Consulting

We are able to provide a management consultancy service with professionalism, seriousness and competence in support of correct strategic management of the company. We always operate by objectives, adopting a proactive approach aimed at maximizing the satisfaction of our customers.

Business Management Systems

We design and develop business management systems oriented to the identification and control of processes from the point of view of quality, the environment, workers’ health and safety, social responsibility, information security in compliance with the organizational models envisaged by international rules and regulations.

Workplace safety

We provide a complete consultancy service to bring your company into compliance with the legal obligations in force on health and safety in the workplace. We support the entrepreneur in identifying all the dangers and in the subsequent assessment of the specific risks associated with his business.

Workplace safety training

We provide training courses on safety in the workplace, valid for the purposes of the law, both on-site at customers and FAD via a certified e-learning platform.


Starting from 25 May 2018, the new European Union regulation on privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), takes full effect. The new regulation aims to protect “the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, in particular the right to the protection of personal data”

231 Organizational Model

We develop the 231/01 organizational model tailored to your company, train your employees, perform periodic audits on the developed model and hold positions in the supervisory body.

CE marking

We have studied a consultancy formula for the CE marking suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our offer allows all SMEs to be able to CE mark their products thanks to the low cost and speed of execution.

Benefit company

We offer specialized consultancy to companies for the establishment or transformation into benefit companies, offering analysis tools and support for the changes that the new form of enterprise entails.

Corporate Renovations

The consultancy activity is aimed at supporting the entrepreneur and the company’s management in radical industrial restructuring operations necessary to regain competitiveness in the reference sectors and profit margin.

Business Information

Undertaking new commercial relationships without due caution can lead companies to credit recovery problems which, if it becomes uncollectable, can lead the companies themselves to a state of liquidity shortage and, in the most serious cases, to insolvency .

Debt Restructuring

We provide valid consultancy support to companies in a crisis situation due to lack of liquidity in order to help the company recover the necessary financial balance that allows it to continue operating.

Extraordinary operations

Extraordinary operations can be traced back and identified with a heterogeneous series of operations that companies carry out outside ordinary management for the purpose of changing the structure or legal form of the company, transferring the controlling stake of the company, leasing part or all the company, liquidate the company and then extinguish it.

Temporary management

In cases where rapid and effective action is required in a company’s strategic transition phase, we intervene directly by assuming positions in the administrative body in favoring the change process.

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