We are a Benefit Corporation

My Advisor has become a Benefit Company

Our Company has chosen a business orientation not only based on profit but also on sustainability and social responsibility.

A new statute

On 09.08.2021 My Advisor S.r.l. has been transformed into a Benefit Company: My Advisor S.r.l. Benefit company.

A process was thus launched which aims to pursue, in addition to profit objectives, a series of goals and objectives of common benefit, therefore aimed at obtaining a positive impact on society and the environment.

The company has chosen not to ignore the needs of the world we live in, opening its eyes to reality and embarking on a path to concretely change things, in the context of daily activities.

Becoming a Benefit Company meant making this commitment official, writing it “black and white” in our Statute, securing it and making it an integral part of the company beyond any evolution or transformation.

Purposes of common benefit

It was not difficult to identify our purposes of common benefit and we expressed them clearly and punctually with respect to each of the areas of action.

As a Benefit Company we have the obligation to publish the Impact Report annually, explaining our goals, our action plans and our objectives for the next year.

Impact Report 2021 >

We reduce the environmental impact

My Advisor places among its objectives the desire to increase awareness of climate change issues and intervene with concrete actions.

Thanks to the collaboration with CHOOOSE we are able to easily calculate, track and offset our carbon footprint and at the same time, we support high impact climate projects.

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Social Responsibility Policy

The Social Responsibility Policy requires that, in line with the company mission, the management of all company processes is set up with the rules of application of the Social Responsibility Management System, according to the ISO 26000:2010 guidelines.

Top Management has taken upon itself the commitment to operate consistently with the principles of the ISO 26000:2010 standard through transparent methods and systems aimed at detecting and meeting the expectations of the main stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, the community .

The consistency of the Social Responsibility Policy with the corporate strategies in place is assessed by the Management and periodically reviewed to verify its congruity with the corporate logic.

The Management has formally assumed responsibility for the following commitments:

  • comply with national, EU and international laws on labor and workers’ rights, on the environment, privacy, anti-corruption by complying with the provisions contained in official documents and their interpretations;
  • maintain the social responsibility requirements over time and adapt to any new requirements that may be required;
  • ensure periodic monitoring and continuous improvement of the management system implemented by defining specific improvement objectives during the meetings of the Social Performance Team and verifying their achievement also through a panel of significant indicators;
  • ensure adequate training and information on ethics and social responsibility for all personnel;
  • make suppliers aware of the principles of social responsibility and the code of ethics;
  • carry out first-party audits aimed at ascertaining compliance with social requirements, then adopt all necessary corrective and preventive actions;
  • document and communicate to stakeholders the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility also through the drafting of the Sustainability Report.

At the organizational level, the following have been designated:

  • The person in charge of the Social Responsibility Management System;
  • The Social performance team made up of members of senior management, the Head of the Social Accountability Management System and members of the workers who represent the body responsible for monitoring the Social Accountability Management System.

The Management considers this Policy the reference framework for the management of its Social Accountability Management System and for the annual definition and review of its specific objectives.

The Policy is disseminated to all collaborators of MY ADVISOR SRL BENEFIT COMPANY and made available to the remaining Interested Parties via the company website.

The Management has defined a Code of Ethics as a fundamental tool for pursuing the objectives set in accordance with this Social Responsibility Policy.

Do you want to transform your Company into a Benefit Company?

My Advisor offers advice to all companies that want to become a Benefit Company.

What are Benefit Corporations?

Benefit companies represent an evolution of the concept of company

The legal form of Benefit Company recognized in Italy since 2016, the second country in the world after the USA, has in its corporate purpose, in addition to the purpose of profit, the formal purpose of distributing shared value, which therefore becomes a statutory obligation.

Benefit companies, in fact, are those companies that voluntarily pursue, in the exercise of their business activity, in addition to the purpose of profit, also one or more purposes of common benefit, in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way. By common benefit we mean the pursuit of one or more positive effects (or reduction of negative effects) on people, communities, territory and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies, associations and other stakeholders.

For further information visit www.societabenefit.net

The B Corp Certification

A Benefit Company can become a B Corp by obtaining the certification issued by B Lab, a US non-profit organization created with the intention of spreading a new, more advanced business model. The certification identifies companies which, in addition to having profit objectives, reflect the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

My Advisor aims to become a B Corp by March 2023.

For more information, visit the official B Lab platform dedicated to B Corp Certification